Hall of Heroes

Many men and women have devoted time to mentoring boys and young men into Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders. Some men and women go above and beyond to perform this most critical ministry. While they would shy away from receiving such accolades, we feel that it is critically important that we remember their example and strive to meet or exceed the level of commitment they have shown.* Please note that awards records begin with 2011. If you would like to submit information for prior years, please send us an email and we'll make sure they are listed here as well.

National Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor represents the highest award a boy or leader may receive in Royal Rangers. It is presented to individuals who have saved the life of another at the risk of their own. This award requires approval from the national Royal Rangers office.

Tommy Atkinson - 05/04/2007

National Medal of Courage

The Medal of Courage is similar to the Medal of Valor in that it is presented to boys or leaders who have saved the life of another person. However, this award does not require that the rescuer’s own life be at risk. This award requires approval from the national Royal Rangers office.

Tommy Atkinson - 11/04/2004

Lifetime Service Award

Instituted in 2009, this award is given by the national Royal Rangers Alumni chairman and president to individuals who have demonstrated a lifetime of service to Royal Rangers. South Texas has been blessed by the service of the following individuals who have received this prestigious recognition:

Jerry Sledge

2017, Recipient #115

Jeremiah Gonzalez (posthumously)

2016, Recipient #92

Bobby Bernardino

2015, Recipient #91

Sarge Summers

2014, Recipient #74

Evelyn 'Shug' Williams

2011, Recipient #31

Alice E. Gardiner

2017, Recipient #98

Tommy Atkinson

2015, Recipient #83

Robert Sanders

2014, Recipient #73

Molly Sosa

2011, Recipient #33

Ralph Williams

2011, Recipient #30

Jerry Gardiner

2017, Recipient #97

Richard Fitzgerald

2014, Recipient #77

Roger Cassidy

2014, Recipient #72

Jimmy Sosa

2011, Recipient #32

District Medal of Merit

The District Medal of Merit is the highest award bestowed on an individual by STXRR. The medal of merit is given to Royal Rangers boys and adult leaders who have demonstrated exemplary effort and commitment to Royal Rangers. The District Medal of Merit is awarded by and at the discretion of the district Royal Rangers director.

Bob Botto - 2016

Jimmy Sosa - 2012

Johnnie Tarwater - 2011

Garey Gruber - 2015

Molly Sosa - 2012

Ralph Williams - 2011

George Leach - 2014

Richard Fitzgerald - 2011

Leroy Collins - 2011

District Outstanding Service Award

The District Outstanding Service Award is given to both boys and adult leaders. They are awarded to individuals for recognition of outstanding service to Royal Rangers. The District Outstanding Service Medal is awarded by the district at the discretion of the district director.

Marvin "Sarge" Summers - 2018

Jeff Stokes - 2017

Cam Hendricks - 2016

Chad Hutson - 2013

Garey Gruber - 2012

Bill Stuckey - 2011

Freddie Bailey, Jr. - 2011

Wayne Hale - 1998

Kenny Murray - 2018

Damon Barber - 2017

Thomas "TJ" Atkinson - 2015

Bob Botto - 2013

George Leach - 2012

Freddie Bailey, Sr. - 2011

Jason Bone - 2011

Greg Breed - 2018

Greg Rudy - 2016

William Wallace III - 2014

Jody Yeo - 2013

Ken Porter - 2011

Nathan Timm - 2011

Tommy Atkinson - 1998