South Texas Royal Rangers


What to expect…
Each work day will begin with a set of tasks that are defined in advance of your arrival to Camp Williams. Some tools will be provided but please bring whatever tools will help with the projects.

How do I sign up?
If you are planning to attend one of the scheduled work days, we encourage you to send a note to Ken Porter at so he can discuss projects with you and make sure you’re prepared to hit the ground running.

You can also comment on our Facebook event to let us know which project you’d like to help with.

What if I cannot physically help?
We understand that it is not possible for everyone to help out the way that they may like; however, each project that gets schedule requires materials to complete. Financial donations play a very important role in our ability to schedule and complete a project. If you feel so led we would encourage you to donate monetarily to the camp using our GoFundMe or by sending a check to our P.O. box.

Whether it is your prayer, time, or financial support, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to this most worthy cause.

WINTER WORKDAY - February 1st

(In order of priority)
We will start working between 8:30 and 9am and work until mid-afternoon.
Bring drinks, a sack lunch, work gloves and any tools you have that would help with the projects on the list.
  • Excavator Removal

    Our excavator slipped a track while shaping the pond for a liner and is stuck in the mud. Need expertise and equipment to lift it and fix the track.

  • Sticker Treatment

    Spread chemical to treat for sticker burrs.

  • Mule Servicing

    Change transmission fluid and filters.

  • LED Light Install

    Install 4 LED lights in the barn.

  • Repair Mower

    Repair the tie rods and fuel on the zero turn mower. The parts are on the seat.

  • Irrigation Repair

    Repair and reseal leaking pipe in the camping field.

  • Tree Trimming

    Deadfall trimming with pole saw in the groves and cleared areas.

  • Ground Leveling

    Level out the ground under the newly cleared oak tree with a box blade.

  • Water Filter

    Install new water filter and enlarge the pump house.

  • Metal Scrap

    Scrap the old JLDA trailer and take the scrap metal to Victoria.

  • Power Receptacles

    Finish installing power receptacles under the stage.

  • Conex Roof

    Build a roof on the conex. The metal frame and fasteners are inside.

  • Brush Clearing

    Clear brush around the FCF village and around the power pole next to the snack shack.

  • A/C Replacement

    Replace the window A/C unit in the snack shack.

  • Trailer Unload

    Unload the storage building from the flatbed trailer.

  • Power Run

    Run power to the new shack. (50A/2P breaker at field pole.)

  • Trim Repair

    Repair trim work on the new shack that was damaged during transport.

  • Paint Shack

    Paint the new shack the same color as the snack shack and house for continuity.

  • Barn Power Upgrade

    Upgrade power in the barn from 75A to 100A.

  • Repair Fence Post

    Repair the broken fence post in the village.

  • House Trim Painting

    Scrub and paint the baseboards, window sills and door jams.

  • House Recaulk

    Recaulk the counters and any other areas that need it.

  • Flip Door

    The front door to the house needs to be flipped so it opens the opposite way.

  • Cabinet Door Install

    Install new cabinet door on the kitchen cabinet that is missing one.