FCF Trace & Adventure

FCF Brothers and Prospective FCF Members,

   I am thrilled to invite you to participate in the Texas Independence Chapter Frontier Adventure and Trace. This year’s Trace & Adventure is set to be a camp you won’t want to miss!
   Along with our evening services, the focus of this year’s Trace is “ad dare sevire”. We will be focusing on the motto of FCF and what scripture has to say about giving and serving. Come ready to hear the word from your FCF Vice President Greg “Three Courts” Rudy and myself. You don’t want to miss the message God will bring!
    Saturday evening, I encourage you to join together for a Dessert Fellowship and trade blankets to celebrate our new Frontiersmen members. Please prepare your favorite dessert recipe and make sure it’s ready to go on Saturday evening!
    Over the past few years we have continued to grow with new members and in the number of members completing advancements. At the 2019 Encounter and Fall Trace, we welcomed 5 new Wilderness members to the Texas Independence Chapter. I hope to have that many more for 2020! We are also going to be having a Buckskin Challenge for those Frontiersmen ready to take the next step in FCF. God routinely calls us to a deeper level with him, Buckskin and Wilderness advancement are one of the ways we can respond. Will you answer that call?
    If you are a current member, find someone to invite to join our fellowship. If you are a prospective member, I invite you to join us and learn about the opportunities to give and to serve the Lord through FCF. It is our prayer that you and your boys will remember the 2020 Trace and Adventure as a wonderful experience. Let’s continue to mentor the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders together.

Samuel “One Mok” Mathis
Texas Independence Chapter President


Early Bird: FCF Members $33/$40 (Chartered/Unchartered; registered & paid by January 31st)
Pre-Registration: FCF Members $38/45 (Chartered/Unchartered; if registered from Feb 1st-14th)
Late Registration: FCF Members $42/49 (Chartered/Unchartered; registered after February 14th)
Frontier Adventure Candidate (Must be chartered; includes all meals): +$25
Buckskin Challenge Candidate (Must be chartered and meet requirements): +$15
2019-20 FCF Chapter Dues (if not already paid): +$20


Feb 28th - Mar 1st


Camp Williams
1345 Country Road 444
Hallettsville, Texas 77964