South Texas Royal Rangers

Ranger Kids Day Camp

Our desire is to help our youngest boys grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially during their three-year Ranger Kids journey. First, we want his mind to grow strong by having him read, study and memorize Bible verses. Second, we want him to grow physically strong through exercise, fun-filled activities and proper diet. Third, we want him to grow spiritually strong through prayer, Bible study and witnessing to others. Finally, we want him to grow socially strong by teaching him how to treat others with respect and develop potentially life-long relationship (Ranger Kids Handbook, Page 7). We desire to see your boy not only grow as an individual, but also grow within their Ranger Kids group, their Outpost, within their District and ultimately throughout the Kingdom of God.


Early Bird: By Friday, Aug 9 - $21/$24 (chartered/not chartered)
Pre-Registration: By Friday, Aug 23rd - $24/$27 (chartered/not chartered)
Late/On Site: After Aug 23rd - $27/$30 (chartered/not chartered)
Event Staff: $10 (includes lunch, T-Shirt & Patch)
Spectators: $5 (add lunch for an additional $5)
Camping Fee: $5 (if camping on-site Friday night)(Men & Boys ONLY)


Saturday, September 7th


Camp Williams
1345 Country Road 444
Hallettsville, Texas 77964

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