South Texas Royal Rangers


We are excited about the 2019 Shooting Sports Day! This will be our 3rd consecutive annual event and we as a district are having a blast (pun intended) being able to provide the youth and adults a safe, positive, fun, and secure place to celebrate one of America’s great freedoms.

We love to share our knowledge and passion about shooting sports with the next generation. Shooting sports has a way of bringing friends and families together. There are also many disciplines inside the world of shooting sports and we are going to offer experiences in several of those disciplines.


Early bird: By Friday, April 12th – $29/$35 (chartered/unchartered)
Pre-registration: By Friday, May 3rd – $36/$42 (chartered/unchartered)
Late registration/On Site: After May 3rd – $43/49 (chartered/unchartered) Spectators/Staff: $10


Saturday, May 18th


Camp Williams
1345 Country Road 444
Hallettsville, Texas 77964

Shooting Sports 2019 Promo Materials

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