Camp Projects

Work days are a wonderful way to contribute time toward building a legacy. Each year you will receive several opportunities to donate your labor while we perform maintenance and building tasks around the camp. If you are unable to make the next scheduled event, rest assured there will be more opportunities in the future.

What to expect...
Each work day will begin with a set of tasks that are defined in advance of your arrival to Camp Williams. A list of needed materials will be provided on this website that you will need to bring in order to participate in the work for specific projects.

How do I sign up?
If you are planning to attend one of the scheduled work days you must RSVP with Chad Hutson by the date indicated by sending him an email to:

What if I cannot physically help?
We understand that it is not possible for everyone to help out the way that they may like; however, each project that gets schedule requires materials to complete. Financial donations play a very important role in our ability to schedule and complete a project. If you feel so led we would encourage you to donate monetarily to the camp using our GoFundMe or by sending a check to our P.O. box.

Whether it is your prayer, time, or financial support, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to this most worthy cause.

Current Projects

1st Quarter Workday

Please bring tools and gear that will help with the projects below.  Don't forget water, work gloves and sunscreen:

  • Construct safety fence around septic
  • Remove fence around grove & construct replacement fence
  • Add material to culvert in SS area
  • Paint trim on house
  • Paint well house
  • Install house water filter
  • Clear brush piles in front field, by house and FCF Village
  • Stage cleanup

1. Reseal/Repair stage decking/gaga ball/human foosball structures
Skills needed: Painting and general labor
Tools needed: at least 3-4 rollers w/pads, extension wands, circular saw/drill, tape measure, work gloves, at least 3-4 plastic trays for deck stain/sealant, pressure washer

2. Water line installed for irrigation near front gate/property line
Skills needed: plumbing, general labor
Tools needed: shovels, pick axe, PVC pipe cutter, misc. plumbing tools, tape measure, work gloves

3. Move materials to tin storage shed
Skills needed: general labor
Tools needed: work gloves

4. Cleanup removed barbed wire & fencing near registration area
Skills needed: general labor
Tools needed include: work gloves, fence pliers, utility trailer for hauling off materials to nearby recycling center

5. Build Concrete Sleeves/Structures for Lighting Frame/Projector Stands
Skills Needed: Welder, Concrete mixing
Tools needed: Post hole digger, 100' tape measure, wheel barrow, shovels, sharpshooter shovel, 5 gallon buckets, hoe