Camp Williams Master Plan

Estimated 10 shower and toilet “rooms” allowing for privacy and true multi-purpose usage.

1 acre lined pond with beach entrances, a Southern dock.  Future plans include stocking for fishing

Planned as a two story building featuring a wrap around porch on the first floor, group meeting space, group/private lodging, an office adjacent to a meeting room with a commercial kitchen for serving food.

To facilitate large groups, services and classes in a covered setting as well as be setup as a place for sports such as basketball. 

Much smaller in size than the North Pavilion, located East of the pond and offer a place for small to medium sized groups to meet in a covered area with a beautiful view.

Built in a “village” to allow for shared utilities and provide a community feel.  Mixed use with private and group setups that can be rented throughout the year to those who are looking to stay with family or small groups at the camp.

A primitive blacksmith shop featuring a forge and tools along with storage and workspace for the FCF village and shooting sports activities.

Multipurpose building that can be used as a climate controlled area for group meetings and services while being flexible enough to be set up as a store during large events and have an area for indoor and outdoor serving of snacks and refreshments.

A cabin sized building that has a full bathroom and beds for those needing medical attention during large events.  Can be used as an additional cabin and indoor sleeping space for other events.

Room for 8 hookups with easy access to CR 444 in an area surrounded by huge, mature oaks.  Will allow us to host RV Maps volunteers to assist with projects and camp development.

Built in place of the current “lean to” building that is currently utilized for event registration.  Will allow for storage of heavy equipment, implements, vehicles and other large tools without intruding on the usable camp space where visitors will be gathered.

Would you like to partner with us to make this Master Plan a reality faster?  Please let us know how you would like to contribute.  You can also click this handy button to make a donation that will go directly into the Camp Williams Development Fund.