Continuous Learning Opportunities

200pxacademyWhat are Continuous learning opportunities?

Continuous learning opportunities also referred to as continuous learning electives (CLE) are training events intended to expand a leader’s skills or competencies. A training event must meet certain criteria to qualify as a continuous learning elective. These criteria are provided below.

How do I apply for credit?

In order to apply for these credits, please download and submit the following application to us

Event Criteria:
  • District and National CLE's must be endorsed by the District Director. They can only be ordered through your district.
  • Must fill a need at the local level and offered by Royal Rangers certified instructors and/or other competent instructors
  • Must be a minimum of two hours in length. Events 4 hours or longer do not count as multiple continuous learning opportunities.
  • May be offered as indoor, outdoor, online, internet-based, or classroom-based formats.
  • May fill a need that is specific to leadership development skills needed to work with Royal Rangers or provide specialized certification needed to teach skill merits
  • May not have been previously used to satisfy an individual's training requirements. For example, a requirement for the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels (OLAL) or the Organizational Leadership Training (OLT) levels may not also be counted as an additional continuous learning opportunity.
Qualifying District Events:
  • District EDGE Conference
  • Continuous learning electives (CLE) completed and not counted toward the OLAL training level requirements
  • District Royal Ranger Conference (when qualifying training criteria is met)1
  • District Men’s Ministry Conference1
  • District Children’s Ministry Conference1
  • District Christian Education/All Church Ministries Conference1
  • Other Continuous Learning Opportunities approved by the district director that meets the above definition and criteria
Qualifying National Events:
  • National Children’s Ministry Agency Conference1
  • National Youth Workers Conference1
  • National Men’s Ministry Conference1
  • Catalyst1
  • Pre-conference Leadership Seminar for General Council1
  • Regional Conferences (when qualifying training criteria is met)1
  • National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA), National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) instructor certification courses2
  • NRA instructor certification courses in Rifle, Shotgun, or Blackpowder2
  • Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (C.O.P.E.) Instructor certification course
  • First aid/CPR instructor certification courses (Red Cross, American Hear Assoc., etc)2
  • Seek & Save Continuous Learning module: View all Town Hall meeting videos and read latest version of “Seek and Save”
  • Other Continuous Learning Opportunities may be added by the Royal Rangers national office

1 Must attend and participate in a minimum of two hours of training sessions to qualify while at the conference, repeated attendance may count as additional continuous learning opportunities.

2 Other nationally recognized providers may also apply.

3 Additional attendance can be counted if taken as refresher course so you can attend with your outpost leadership team.