Statement about our team of leaders

We have prayerfully assembled a team of dedicated and skilled servant leaders who are committed to serving the churches, pastors, leaders and families of South Texas in their quest to effectively disciple the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders! 

If any of member of our team can assist you, please let us know using the contact icons next to each leader.  We want to support you and are here to ensure your impact on young men is both meaningful and eternal!


District Outreach Coordinator

John Squires

District Powwow & Camp Williams Coordinator

Chad Hutson

District Training Coordinator

Jeff Stokes

District FCF President

Kevin Hlavinka

District Communications Coordinator

Frank Frazar

District Missions Coordinator

Phillip Steinberg

Rev. Jason Bone

Jason joined Royal Rangers in 1989 at the age of 5 and has been involved ever since. He is a Group Leader at Spring First Church and serves as the National Council President on the national executive committee.

Growing up in Royal Rangers, Jason earned the Gold Medal of Achievement in 1999, became a member of Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship in 1997, served as Chapter Scout from 2000-2002 and completed his Wilderness vigil in 2005.

As a leader, Jason has completed the Platinum level of the Organizational Leaders Training, earned 9 Medals of Excellence, completed the ‘Advanced’ level of the Outpost Leaders Advancement Levels and has attended Advanced Academy, the Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative, National Rangers Ministry Camp, World Class Outpost, Ranger Kids Training Conference, National Training Camp, and Advanced National Training Camp. He also serves as an Instructor Trainer and Academy Instructor as a part of the Rangers Ministry Academy. Jason is a third-generation Royal Rangers leader and his number one desire in ministry is to see Spirit-filled leaders mentor young men into Christlikeness through effective discipleship and training.

Jason and his wife Amanda were married in 2007 and live in Cypress with their two beautiful daughters. Jason is an ordained minister with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, holds a B.B.A. in management from Texas A&M University and holds a diploma in Royal Rangers Organizational Leadership through Berean School of the Bible.

John Squires

John attended his first Royal Ranger outpost meeting in 1986 at the age of 13. He attended Junior Leadership Training Camp in 1988 where he received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit for the first time. At the age of 18 he completed leadership training and was serving his outpost as a Lieutenant Commander.

Previously, John has served as the West Division Director of the Pennsylvania-Delaware (Penn-Del) District from 2009-2017, also serving on the camp council for Camp Berry (the district campground) during that time. He was the Outpost Coordinator for Outpost #229 in Mount Morris, PA for 11 years. John went off to Valley Forge Christian College in the fall of 1991 to pursue education in youth ministry where he helped start an outpost in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

John has completed the Advanced Level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels, is a Certified Instructor as part of the Rangers Ministry Academy, attended National Training Camp, World Class Outpost, the Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative, National Ranger Ministry Camp, National Elementary Education Conference and served on staff at multiple Junior Leadership Development Academies.  John is a Buckskin member of FCF.

John has a desire to see all boys come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! God has given him a passion to accomplish this task through promoting the mission of Royal Rangers to all who will hear.  John and his wife Janet were married in 1996 and now have two daughters, Breanna and Rachel.

Chad Hutson

Chad is a 3rd generation Ranger, and has been involved since ‘Straight Arrows’ at age 5 in 1985. As a junior leader, he assisted his Commanders on many outpost events and outings. At 15, his outpost’s adult leadership retired and while serving as a ‘Junior Commander’, Chad single-handedly ran his outpost of 30 boys.

As an adult leader Chad has sought Royal Rangers training both internally and externally, earning his LMA and his Advanced Outpost Leader Advancement Level in addition to completing several training events such as NRMC, NTC, ANTC, WCO, Training Academy, and National Academy.  As a servant of Royal Rangers, Chad has run or volunteered in countless events including national, State, district, sectional and local outpost training, outings, and competitions.

Chad holds a Logistics and Industrial Engineering degree from Texas A&M University. He and his wife Misty developed and own 3 private preschools and enjoy raising their 4 children. Additionally, Chad serves on the board as a Trustee for Calvary Church and coaches both his son’s and daughter’s soccer teams.

Chad enjoys several occasional hobbies with his kids such as camping, shooting, and woodworking. He and his wife enjoy watching movies and playing video games together.

Jeff Stokes

Jeff is a product of church outreach ministries. His family began attending church after his sister was invited to attend Missionettes (the former name for Girls Ministries). He grew up in Royal Rangers through Buckaroos, Pioneers, and Trailblazers and taught Straight Arrows before joining the Air Force in 1988. He rejoined the ministry in 1994 while in the West Florida District. He joined Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship and completed National (NTC) and Advanced National Training Camps (ANTC).

After a military assignment moved the Stokes to San Antonio, Jeff started teaching Ranger Kids in 2003. God transitioned the family to Victory Assembly of God in 2012, and opened doors to restart Outpost 173. He serves as the Outpost Coordinator, teaches Ranger Kids, assists as needed with the other classes, and started Junior Rangers for their preschool-age boys.

While being asked if he “loves Royal Rangers”, Jeff has been happy to assist as the San Antonio Section Director while hosting day camps, derby races, training events, and helping to start new outposts. Jeff has completed Ranger Kids Training Camp (RKTC), Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials, Ranger Safety, World Class Outpost (WCO), among other training. He was later selected to attend Training Academy, National Academy, National Advanced Academy, and has served as an instructor for the National Academy.
Jeff and his wife, Lori, are a powerful ministry team. They have served together in Ranger Kids since 2003 and enjoy training other leaders. They have two children, Honesty, who is an Honor Star and made them grandparents, and Michael, the first recipient of the Gold Medal of Achievement with Honor in South Texas and currently the Adventure Rangers commander in Outpost 173. Jeff truly believes in the calling God has placed on his life to mentor the next generation of Christlike leaders.

Kevin Hlavinka

Kevin Hlavinka was first introduced to Royal Rangers in 2007, at Central Assembly of God in Angleton, Texas at Outpost 71. He has served as a Commander at the Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers level and currently serves as the Outpost Coordinator. In the earlier years of his life in 1993 (at age 16) Kevin earned the Eagle Scout award through Boy Scouts of America.

Kevin has completed the Advanced Level of the Outpost Leader Advancement Levels, attended Ranger Basics, Ranger Essentials, Ranger Safety, World Class Outpost, National Ranger Ministry Camp and served on staff at Junior Leadership Development Academy. In 2018, Kevin completed the FCF Adventure and became a member of the Texas Independence Chapter, in 2022 he achieved Wilderness.

Professionally, Kevin is a Facility Manager at a global medical technology company that focuses on transforming lives with products and therapies for the head and heart. He has worked in the medical device/technology field his entire career.

Kevin and his wife Adriana married in 2000 and live in Angleton, Texas with their two sons. Noah and Isaac have grown up in Royal Rangers and both are recipients of the Gold Medal of Achievement with Honor. Noah and Isaac are also FCF members and have achieved the Buckskin level. Kevin enjoys mentoring boys to become Christlike men through adventures.

Frank Frazar

As a leader in Royal Rangers, Frank has completed the Platinum level of the organizational leadership training track, the “Advanced” level of Outpost Leader Advancement Levels, attended National Training Camp, Advanced National Training Camp, National Ministry Camp, National Elementary Education Conference, World Class Outpost, the Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative, National Academy, and Advanced Academy to train as a chaplain. He also serves as an Instructor Trainer for the Rangers Ministry Academy.  He completed his Wilderness vigil in Frontier Camping Fellowship (FCF) in 2020 and has helped 9 boys reach the Gold Medal of Achievement at his home church (Old River Assembly of God, Outpost 227) in Dayton, Texas.


Professionally, Frank is a Navy Veteran. He served as a staff trainer for the Navy’s Nuclear Prototype Training Program and served on 2 Nuclear Submarines: USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657) and the USS Aspro (SSN 648). He has been with the same company since 1995 where his current role is Team Lead. He serves as the Vice President of Education and Secretary for One State Street Toastmasters. Frank has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from the New School for Social Research in New York.


Frank is an ordained minister with West Coast Bible College & Seminary and holds a Master’s in Biblical Counseling. He has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 1991. Frank and Lisa are active in their community, having adopted 7 children. They have 11 children ranging from 31 years to 9 years old. They have served together as a Children’s and Youth Pastor at their church, and Frank served the church board as Secretary Treasurer for 11 years. Frank and Lisa’s puppeteering talents have been showcased at South Texas Powwows and camps over the years. Currently, they are serving together as tent evangelists with Kingdom Pursuit Ministries where Frank and Lisa lead a kid’s night under the tent where they love seeing the salvations, healings, deliverance, and baptisms for God’s glory!

Phillip Steinberg

Phillip attended his first Royal Rangers meeting as a Buckaroo in 1983 at the age of 8 where he earned his “Top Hand” award. Because of family movement, he left Royal Rangers but came back as a Trailblazer and earned his “Advanced” before moving away again.

Phillip returned to Royal Rangers again in 2013 as a Discovery Rangers Commander at Victory Assembly of God, Outpost 173. He has worked hard to help multiple boys earn their Gold Falcon. He earned his OLAL-Advanced in November of 2016. He was selected to attend and graduated from Training Academy in January of 2018. In February of 2018, he completed the FCF Adventure and became a member of the Texas Independence Chapter. In June of 2018, he was appointed to the San Antonio Section staff as the Sectional Chaplain. In August of 2018, he was appointed as the South Texas District Assistant Missions Coordinator. In September of 2018, he was invited to and graduated from the National Academy at Camp Eagle Rock. In January of 2019, he was promoted as the Missions Coordinator for the South Texas District. He has served on staff at Powwows, JLDA and other sectional and outpost events.

Away from Rangers, Phillip is a decorated Police Officer serving his hometown of Converse, TX since 2002. He enjoys coordinating and running community relations events for the department.

At Victory Assembly of God, Phillip serves in the children’s department as BGMC Director and works with the Men’s Ministry.

He and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy being Discovery Rangers Commanders together and they are looking forward to doing missions work in the future with Pathfinders and RRI.