Do Not Give Up Yet!

Hello friends!  Commander John here.  I have been thinking about adversity lately.  I remember days of old when I trained to be an athlete.  There were days that the coach would push us till we thought we would just die right there on the field.  Many times, I thought about quitting right then and there.  […]

The Power of Prayer

As I sit here in my office preparing a lesson plan for my upcoming BGMC merit video, I start to think about mission projects that I have helped on or heard about. It makes me long for the days that this world opens back up and we can move about freely. Of course at Powwow […]

Eyes Opened

Coming in to the year 2020, I could not help but think this year’s theme for our annual adult leadership conference (EDGE) for all outpost leaders should have something to do with vision (obviously referring to perfect 20/20 vision, or having clear vision). My thinking was using Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the […]

Gopher Hole Faith

If you’ve ever been to Camp Williams, you know that we have a few gophers who have made their home there. They dig up the land, destroy our grass, and leave piles of dirt scattered across our fields. In addition to that, they also create gopher holes. It can be annoying to trip on a […]

Building the TEAM

Every Royal Ranger leader out there needs a team and needs to be on a team.  There are multiple teams.  To be on a team, you have to decide who you are going to follow.  Are you a follower of Jesus Christ?  Then you are on a team.  Are you a member of your local […]