The Importance of Advancement

This past weekend, over 50 Rangers gathered at Camp Williams for the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) Trace. The weekend was a bustle of activity and events. We initiated 7 new Frontiersmen members, had 4 members advance to their Buckskin (one of which was a boy who had been involved for exactly 1 year), recognized 3 […]

Carried To, and Through the Valley

We are having revival meetings at our church this week and on the second night of the revival, the speaker Evangelist Matthew Eckart preached on the Valley of Dry Bones. He drew attention to the first verse where he stressed that Ezekiel didn’t get lost and wonder into the valley.  He wasn’t led there by […]

Memorial Stones

In the first chapter of the book of Joshua, we see Joshua as the new leader of Israel. His was an immense task as he followed Moses and learned to follow God. In verse 3:7, God tells Joshua that He will exalt him among his people. Joshua had to trust God as he and the […]

Light It Up

As we are all preparing for Powwow this weekend, I can’t help but ponder how timely the theme and scripture basis is for this year’s event. Nobody but the Holy Spirit could have known what the year 2020 would hold as Jason, Chad, and the members of the South Texas Royal Rangers Executive Committee began […]

It’s Halftime – Finish Strong!

I remember well sitting at my Pastor’s home in Hawaii after church watching the Houston Oilers take on the Buffalo Bills in a wild card game on Sunday, January 3rd, 1993.  What an exciting first half!  My wife and I were on cloud nine, and feeling pretty good about our home town Oilers chances leading […]

The Beacon

I have always been fascinated by lighthouses!  While each is different in shape, color, position and age, they have one purpose: to send a guiding light to passing ships leading them away from danger and ultimately to safety. Starting in the early 1970’s and running for over 40 years, South Texas Royal Rangers’ quarterly newsletter […]

Do Not Give Up Yet!

Hello friends!  Commander John here.  I have been thinking about adversity lately.  I remember days of old when I trained to be an athlete.  There were days that the coach would push us till we thought we would just die right there on the field.  Many times, I thought about quitting right then and there.  […]

The Power of Prayer

As I sit here in my office preparing a lesson plan for my upcoming BGMC merit video, I start to think about mission projects that I have helped on or heard about. It makes me long for the days that this world opens back up and we can move about freely. Of course at Powwow […]

Eyes Opened

Coming in to the year 2020, I could not help but think this year’s theme for our annual adult leadership conference (EDGE) for all outpost leaders should have something to do with vision (obviously referring to perfect 20/20 vision, or having clear vision). My thinking was using Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the […]

Gopher Hole Faith

If you’ve ever been to Camp Williams, you know that we have a few gophers who have made their home there. They dig up the land, destroy our grass, and leave piles of dirt scattered across our fields. In addition to that, they also create gopher holes. It can be annoying to trip on a […]